Friday, May 28, 2021

Shock: Several players with Covid19 to miss National games

In really terrible news several Valencia CF players have been diagnosed with Covid19 and will miss playing for their national teams. Thierry Correia was the first one to be diagnosed with Covid19 and he will unfortunately miss the Euro for under21 for Portugal, next up is Maxi Gomez who will also miss games with his national team and most recently Cillessen has been diagnosed with Covid19 and will miss at least one match, though supposedly will still play at the Euro. Same story with Goncalo Guedes, but fortunately for him he will be able to play for Portugal once the two week isolation ends. 

Not the end of the world for some of the players as they will still get to play for their national teams after the isolation period ends, but for Correia and Maxi they will not be able to represent their teams. Really bad for them and for Valencia CF as Maxi's international performances might have significantly increased his value in case VCF decides to sell him. 

Thankfully Jose Luis Gaya has tested negative and will feature for Spain, so some good news in all this bad news. They are all asymptomatic as well, so no issues with their health at all, but a real bummer to have to miss international competition.