Tuesday, May 18, 2021

Sevilla FC interested in Goncalo Guedes

Goncalo Guedes headed to Sevilla FC?
Valencia's Goncalo Guedes amazing performances these past few months haven't gone unnoticed with big clubs like Wolves, Liverpool FC and now Sevilla FC all interested in the player. Sevilla with their new found success are aiming high, they want to buy one of the best players in the league and a true magician when in full form, but Valencia CF are determined that if they are to lose Goncalo Guedes it has to be for a huge amount of money and not just some cash with players added. Valencia CF need 31 million just to balance the book for this year, not to mention additional money if they are to replace Guedes with another player.

Personally I would not sell Guedes for anything, well, maybe if a team decided to pay something like 80 million euros I'd be swayed, but only if I know VCF will bring in two very high quality reinforcements to strengthen the team. 

With his recent performances being so good there is no doubt Guedes new value is somewhere over 40 million euros, probably closer to 50 million euros. Again we know what Guedes is capable of, he showed us the first season, second season he started slow, there were an awful injury, etc... he hasn't always performed at his best, but I'd say the past 3 months he's reached and probably even surpassed the level he had in that first season for VCF. 

Valencia CF can build a team around Guedes, Gaya, Soler, Correia. These are the players to keep at all cost, we need a CL team, not a small selling club that is going to pay off Lim's terrible gambles with the club.