Wednesday, May 5, 2021

Protest planned against Peter Lim

Wrote an article about Peter Lim's terrible management of Valencia CF just yesterday and these types of articles have been common in the 7 years since Lim's arrival. You can miscount several mishaps that happened due to lack of experience in owning and managing a club, due to wanting to make the club successful quick, due to not being familiar with Spanish football, etc... But you'd think one would learn from their mistakes, you'd think Lim would do things better over time, but no he's done things worse over time, he's become more stubborn in his ways and more arrogant than ever! 

When he sacked Marcelino and soon after Alemany I think it was the last straw for many people, there was no defending such an illogical, purely stupid move! Since then Valencia CF has been on a steep decline, and last season giving away most of the club's core players for barely nothing or free was just the peak of his terrible management of this club. No foresight to predict how failing to qualify for the Champions league can negatively affect the team, how the move itself is going to be seen, how it will negatively affect the players to sack in such a manner such a bellowed and respected coach.

He could have been the arrogant hot head that he is and fired him in the summer, without ALL of the negative consequences firing him at the beginning of the season for no reason, and who knows the team might have even failed to qualify for the Champions league even with Marcelino, so Lim would have the perfect excuse. Again it doesn't take too much to know this, its not rocket science. 

Anyways people are sick of it and are planning a massive protest against Peter Lim and Meriton on May 8th. There's been several protests over the past 2 years against Meriton, each one becoming bigger and more serious.