Monday, May 31, 2021

Paco Alcacer in exchange for Goncalo Guedes?

There are reports from Spanish media about a possible swap of players between Valencia CF and Villarreal CF. Villarreal CF won the Europa League which netted them 8 million euros, but for each previous win they also earned quite a bit of money, so overall they would have earned anywhere between 20-25 million euros, plus they qualified for the Super cup which nets them additional 4 million euros and they qualified for the Champions League which will net them 19 million euros just by being in the group stage.

So they've got quite a bit of money and they want to improve their squad for the next season and have identified Goncalo Guedes as the perfect option for them. While they have received quite a lot of money its still not enough to outright purchase Guedes, so they are offering Paco Alcacer in addition to a large sum of money to facilitate the move. 

Would you accept this offer or do you think Guedes is not an option to sell, tell us in the comments.