Thursday, May 13, 2021

Mestalla opens its doors on Sunday

Valencia CF will open the doors to the Mestalla after the Spanish government allowed for a limited opening of stadiums, with 5000 seats being available for the match against SD Eibar. There has to be 1.5 meters of space around each person and no food, drinks or smokes will be allowed. In addition to that every attendee must wear some sort of mark the government has deemed 'special' and everyones temperature will be taken at the entrance, which I'm sure at temperatures reaching 30 degrees Celsius these days won't affect the people's temperature at all. 

Its better than being closed that's for sure, but only 5000 fans in a stadium with a capacity of 55k is very low. Question is how many fans will attend? There are ongoing calls for boycotting Valencia CF merchandise as well as Meriton's businesses and properties, on top of that a lot of people might be too afraid because of covid19 to attend, so it will be interesting to see if all of the available tickets are purchased.