Tuesday, May 25, 2021

Jose Bordalas becomes Valencia CF coach

Jose Bordalas is Valencia CF new coach. The club has reached an agreement with Getafe CF and the coach for his arrival at Valencia CF on a two year deal plus an option to extend his contract a 3rd season. The club has also negotiated with Getafe CF for the release of the coach without a fee, but they've demanded a player or the removal of the 30% ownership clause from Maksimovic that VCF have. So far its unclear what the exact agreement is. The most likely option is that Valencia CF will loan a player to Getafe CF for one season with an option to purchase that player at the end of the season. That player is most likely Jason, but could be anyone really. 

In terms of Jose Bordalas and Valencia CF, the coach agreed a 2 year deal with Valencia CF with the option of one more year. 

Not my number one choice, but truth be told the options this season were limited and we would never get a good coach like Rafa Benitez back with Lim at the helm, so its the best of the rest. Best coach from the bottom half, half glass full type of deal. Now we have no choice but to stand by the choice and support him for the good for the club. He is definitely not a bad coach, he is defensively sound and plays a rigid type of game. If he can continue with the Voro fix in defense and have the team solid defensively we can maybe win games on the counter through Guedes, Yunus, Soler, etc... I'm expecting Kang-In Lee to leave BTW, because the chances of extending his contract are slim. If we do keep him for one more season and he gets a good amount of playing time, he might reconsider, but that is a very long shot.