Monday, May 3, 2021

Javi Gracia sacked, Voro takes over

Valencia have just announced that Javi Gracia has been sacked. 

Javi Gracia sacked

Voro will take over for the final four games as Valencia stares at a relegation battle.

Gracia leaves with the fourth worst win record in La Liga

Koeman: 18% (4 of 22) Neville: 19% (3 of 16) Valdez: 23% (5 of 22) 𝗚𝗿𝗮𝗰𝗶𝗮: 𝟮𝟰% (𝟴 of 𝟯𝟰) Miljanic: 25% (5 of 20)
His numbers probably aren't quite as bad as Neville's or the king of mediocrity Koeman, as they had better squads.

Gracia does have some mitigating factors in his defence. He was lied to from the beginning by Lim and Murthy who promised him signings then undermined him by not only failing to provide them, but also gifting one of the few quality midfielders, Kondogbia, to a rival club after the season had started. Gracia did offer his resignation but this was refused due to the compensation needed. Valencia would have been able to fire him in the summer without compensation but as usual, the club's indecisiveness has made a hash of things. Despite all that, with the squad we have, we should be fighting for top 7, not viewing the end of the season with such trepidation.