Friday, May 14, 2021

Gerard Lopez wants to buy Valencia CF

Former Lille owner Gerard Lopez seeks to purchase a  new club, with Valencia CF being the primary target so far. He already owns Mouscron and Boavista, but wants a bigger club to be able to play for Champions league and maybe even some silverware. 

Interestingly he tried to acquire Southampton from Chinese owner Jisheng who owns 80% of the shares of the club with an initial offer of 130 million euros, but that hasn't materialized, so either his offer was rejected privately or he changed his target and started focusing on Valencia CF with all of the reports at that time about Valencia CF being sold and the prince of Johor, etc... 

Even though Peter Lim has stated that he has no intention of selling, I think with the big loss of merchandise sales this season, with the complete loss of season ticket sales due to Covid19, with the looming threat from the Valencian government of big penalties for Meriton for not fulfilling the contract about the new Mestalla and the Pavilion in its surroundings, with bigger and bigger calls from fans to boycott Valencia CF products and Meriton's properties I think he is going to have a hard time fighting off offers even if he is set on not selling. I think he probably wants to sell, he knows he is hated in Valencia by all of its fans by now, he knows he is going to be losing money with he club for at least the next 2-3 years, so publicly he is telling he doesn't plan to sale as a way to boost the clubs price or at the least maintain it, because if he announces he wants to sell the price will likely go down.