Thursday, May 6, 2021

Fire Anil Murthy, bring Manual Llorente

Valencia CF should bring Manuel Llorente back

Manuel Llorente former Valencia CF president
Valencia CF should fire its president Anil Murthy and try to bring in Manuel Llorente as president of the club. Remember that Valencia CF had some of its best years under Manuel Llorente, he fixed some of the economic mess left from before, sure he had to sell players, but never on a whim, never for less than their value, he always oversold and put some of the money into economic recovery and the other into bringing in adequate replacements. 

He also started the process of selling Valencia CF and brought in a ton of investors in his time, he didn't finish the process, but was instrumental in it and positioning Valencia CF good enough financially and sporting wise to be sold for a solid amount. 

I think he was the best Valencia CF president in recent history, and really helped Valencia CF back when it was the most difficult, crushing debts looming, players whos contract are close to running out, falling apart New Mestalla with no plan to ever finish it, etc... 

Peter Lim would have to hand full control to him if he actually wants positive results, I guess that is why he keeps Anil Murthy around, because he is just a yes man who only does what Lim orders him to and has no personal say in it. Peter Lim would have to actually give away his control of the club and put it into the hands of Manuel Llorente and have him make ALL of the decisions. Bring in the professionals, bring in people who care about the club. 

Another alternative would be to start priming Voro to take the job within a year or two. He's one of the most veteran staff members, he's been with the club for so long and knows a lot of the issues inside and out, so if he is being prepared to become president he could be ready next year to take over and run the club. I don't know his personal position on it, its a tough job and you still have Peter Lim who is the real issue, if he will he let go of his control or will he try to exert his influence? 

So yeah, make Valencia CF great again and it all starts with bringing in the right people for the job, real professionals who've proven themselves in the past. Manuel Llorente is one, if the the best president Valencia CF has had in recent history, in fact over the past decade he is probably the best president we've had. 

It starts from the top with proper leadership, proper planning, proper support staff to be able to execute a strategy to bring Valencia CF to the top of football again. Do I trust Anil Murthy to bring in a proper coach for next season? No! Peter Lim has no clue who are good coaches, Anil Murthy has proven to be clueless and just a yes men, so he will probably provide few cheap options with no long term future and then Peter Lim will throw darts at the names and whomever he hits gets to be the next Valencia CF coach! I don't trust that process, we need people who know Spanish football, who know Spanish coaches, who have connections in the football world and who are proven professionals.