Tuesday, April 13, 2021

Valencia Mestalla in shambles

Miss this guy yet?
You thought Valencia CF has issues, think again! Valencia Mestalla or Valencia's B team is doing terribly, so much so that the team is last position in segunda B relegation group, after being last in their previous group. There is 4 if I may call them "divisions" above the one VCF Mestalla is playing right now, so its not like they were just too highly positioned and are now going back to their real level, no the division the team is right now is quite low, there is still a bit lower than that, but at those levels its teams C level or lower teams playing.

Peter Lim and Anil Murthy love to mention the word "youth", but how can Valencia CF draw from its youth pool, when these players are so bad they can't even sustain in second division group 3 or whatever. This is just another example of the bad management under Peter Lim, there is literally no long term planning, no long term stability, no real management and staff that have a clue how to run a club. Its all makeshift, put duck tape on it and leave it be like that. 

Valencia CF doesn't actually have a sporting director, doesn't have a technical director, doesn't have youth director, doesn't have a sporting assistant, etc... Under Peter Lim when a problem arises he temporarily gives someone the authority to fix it, they would put a bandage on it and then they get terminated, rinse and repeat. Well now they are reaping the "rewards" from it, as none of the teams work properly. I'm surprised that we even have a youth system still. 

We've not had any long term staff, long term management, long terms coaches under Peter Lim, say what you want about previous management, even Soriano, but Valencia CF actually had proper staff, actually had people filling in all of the required positions. I'm surprised we still have delegates and stuff, who needs them when superman Lim can do it all on his own, I'm sure Lim has played some football manager games to gain all of his immense footballing knowledge. I'm thinking about buying Football Manager 2021 and gifting it to Lim to help him manage Valencia CF in 2021 better. 

Peter Lim is so full of himself he doesn't even want to sell the club, when everything is going wrong, he literally had investors begging him to buy his shares and he's like "nah its gona be alight", what hasn't worked in 5 years I'm sure it will start magically working now.