Sunday, April 25, 2021

Valencia CF season 2021/22 plans

Valencia CF wallpaper
There are a dozen of things that will 100% happen in the next season. First of all Valencia CF will have to sell players in order to earn around 40 million euros, about 30 million euros to balance the books and an additional 10 million euros for replacements, mostly players from second division clubs.

Second Valencia CF will need to reduce its wage bill, so that means not only will the sold players have to bring in a lot of money, but they have to be one of the highest earners in the club in order to reduce the wage bill, that means at least one of Guedes, Maxi, Cillessen, and/or Gaya will have to be sold.

Third players whose contracts end this season like Kevin Gameiro and Mangala will be allowed to leave the club as their contracts are not going to be renewed. Gameiro is deemed surplus to requirements and not needed, I'd say he is a decent backup, but yeah if we want high contributors and first squad starters he will have to go. Mangala has not had the best of time since arriving to Valencia CF for the second time, the first time he joined he did extremely well, in fact most of us were disappointed VCF did not purchase him, but since his second arrival he has been injured for most of the time and has seldom featured, making him fall down the pecking order and being surplus to requirements.

Fourth is Kang-In Lee being sold, the player does not want to extend his contract due to his lack of playing time, while the club decided to punish him for not signing a new deal by not playing him, so you can see how that contributes to both sides not reaching a deal. Right now it is too late to make anything happen, and therefore Kang-In Lee is going to be sold or used as a swap chip for players Valencia CF wants to bring in. 

Fifth is Javi Gracia being sacked in the summer. There is a clause is Gracia's contract that his contract can be rescinded two to three weeks after this season is over without the club having to pay him any severance package, and that is what Valencia CF will do! There are several manager names being mentioned, but the most serious one is Jose Mourinho who Peter Lim and Mendes will try to lure to Valencia CF.

Jose Luis Gaya and Carlos Soler will(have signed) sign new contracts and will be announced at some point in the summer, probably close to the start of the new season. These are two youth academy players who've been with the club for quite some time now and are important squad members, so their contracts will be renewed as they expire at the end of 2021/22 season.