Friday, April 16, 2021

Valencia CF offers a new plan for Nou Mestalla

Valencia CF has recently been in trouble with the local government as the previous contract was breached by Valencia CF by not finishing the new stadium and developing the surrounding place as a result of the government giving them the space.

There were threats that Valencia CF would have to pay penalties and these would have been further costs to the club, which is already under big financial pressure. Basically they offered an explanation of the situation with the stadium, how they were complying with the ATE and future plans and promises.

In the new application for changes to the ATE the club is moving the competition date for the stadium and its surroundings to 2026 and offers up a "concrete" plan on how it would go about its business to finish it. 

Sergi Campillo, vice mayor of Valencia and councilor of Urban Ecology, has confirmed that "this documentation has been recorded that Valencia has submitted, which will have to be studied and the final decision is made by the Generalitat". Ximo Puig will have the final say and so far he's been forgiving to Valencia CF and expressed a desire to reach a new deal with Valencia CF, so I'm expecting the ATE to be changed to reflect Valencia's new plans.

In order for Valencia CF to finish the stadium the team would have to return to being competitive and fight for Champions League spot, that is the only way to finish the new stadium as the competition itself brings in a lot of money, in fact even Valencia CF with its short runs was usually getting 30-50 million euros and sponsors love more publicity, they love more eyes on their advertisement, so playing in the Champions league which is one of the most viewed sports events in the world is huge, not to mention the possibility of new fans. I became interested in Valencia CF in 1998, their style of play was so mesmerizing back then, short, precise passes on the wing like a perfectly choreographed dance and the occasional counter attack and speed and fury, but what cemented my interest is playing in the Champions league and then reaching the final. So playing in the Champions League brings so many benefits and that is the only way Valencia CF can even think of finishing the stadium.