Tuesday, April 6, 2021

Valencia CF needs to find a winning path

The focus since the Cadiz match has been on racism and rightly so, the relevant institutions need to deal with that, setup protocols and of course lay out punishments if there is evidence. With that said the team should be 100% focused on getting better and winning. We can't lose focus and engage in racism hunting and all of a sudden Valencia CF is going to magically end racism, no, the club as an institution can work on that, but our players, our sporting staff should be 100% focused on getting better. Valencia CF has not strung more than 1 win this whole season, its one of the worse seasons in terms of being able to win and our away form this season has been the worst in all of Valencia's history! 

Gaya should be focusing on getting back to form and getting fit, because with plays like with Cadiz he isn't even capable of playing for our B team. Our defense and defensive shape should be worked on and immediately improved, I would urge the team to spend the next 20 days focusing all about racism if we were actually playing good football, if we were higher on the table, if people had confidence in this team and the team could actually win most games. We are barely floating above relegation, we are one of the worst teams this season, all of the statistics show us in a bad light, the team can not be thinking about battling racism and losing even more focus. They need to be focusing on improving, improving their skill, improving our tactics, improving our movements, etc...

Let the Valencia president focus on racism issues, but remove all focus of that from the players and sporting staff. This team is playing terribly this season, apart from some bright matches by Soler and Guedes, the whole team has been crap, they need to be focusing on getting better. We are in a crisis, a results crisis and having a good team crisis and playing good football crisis. The players need to wake up and realize just how bad they are playing, just how bad things have gotten for us, wake up from their beauty sleep and realize the trouble this team is in. 

You know what would have made a statement against racism? If Valencia CF came back against Cadiz and TRASHED THEM. That would have been a statement, not coming back to play and losing in such a pathetic fashion.