Thursday, April 22, 2021

Kang-In Lee for Rafa Mir swap

Kang-In Lee will not renew his contract and thus Valencia CF will be looking to sell him in the summer when the transfer window opens! I've written in previous article about some of the reasons Kang-In Lee isn't renewing his contract, but the main reason is the lack of playing time he's gotten under Gracia. Since he didn't want to renew his contract without improved playing time, the team saw it fit to punish Kang-In Lee by instructing Gracia to never play him until he renews, but that just put things into a never ending negative circle and basically cemented Lee's wishes to continue elsewhere. 

With Kang-In Lee's contract expiring next year, Valencia CF must sell him this year and get as much possible for him, otherwise he would just leave for free next season. Valencia CF been asking around about Rafa Mir and showing interest in our former player, so that gives Valencia CF the option to offer Kang-In Lee for Rafa Mir. The current Valencia CF player is valued higher, but he also has much less playing time this season, while Rafa Mir has been featuring regularly and scoring goals, increasing his market value slowly but surely, with his value surely to reach 15 million euros in the summer. 

So it will be a fair trade and Valencia CF is seriously considering this possibility! There are more combinations to do with the Wolves, they are interested in Goncalo Guedes, we also have Cutrone who is here on loan from Wolves, so there are quite a number of combinations the clubs can do, depending on where things stand. 

Valencia CF might not want to sell Goncalo Guedes as he's improved significantly over the last 10 or so matches and throughout this season has been one of the few bright spots for us. On the other hand someone like Maxi Gomez has been a huge disappointment and the club is likely going to be looking at selling him.

The biggest issue for Rafa Mir rejoining Valencia CF is the player himself, he did not leave on good terms with us and there are several bigger clubs interested in his services, in fact both Atletico Madrid and Sevilla are interested in signing the player, so while we might have an advantage with Wolverhampton FC in making a deal with them, the player is unlikely to want to return to Valencia CF as he has better options and isn't too keep on returning to us anyways! 

Is this a good deal, do we lose or gain with this option or are you of the opinion that Rafa Mir won't want to join VCF? Tell us in the comment section!