Friday, April 23, 2021

Jose Mourinho in talks with Valencia CF

Jose Mourinho to Valencia CF?
Jose Mourinho has begun talks with Valencia CF about his arrival to the Mestalla in what appears to be a big friendly push by Jorge Mendes to setup Jose Mourinho with a new job as quickly as possibly, and hookup his friend and business partner Peter Lim with a solid manager.

Jose Mourinho's salary at Tottenham was huge, much more than Valencia CF can afford, but because he was sacked he is set to receive a huge compensation which would leave him extremely well of financially, so he will be looking for an ambitious sporting project and of course doing a favor to his agent and friend Jorge Mendes. Peter Lim is also looking at the possibility of using some of the summer player sales money to increase the budget for the coach and make available 4 million euros for a seasonal salary, with big bonuses if Valencia CF qualify for the Champions league, in the region of additional 1.5 million euros.

Jose Mourinho doesn't have too many options right now, most of the big clubs have established managers and none are really in a hurry to replace their managers, so he can either take a break for one season or jump in right back with a smaller club with an ambitious project, and if anyone can sell and overvalue it is Jorge Mendes. If he can sell a one season wonder boy for 30 million euros or more, he can sell a project with ease!

So basically the money aspect won't be too big of a deal, what is going to be a bigger challenge is the sporting aspect, as Jorge Mendes and Peter Lim have to convince Jose Mourinho that Valencia CF is ambitious enough and that they are going to be bringing in certain reinforcements and investments in order to lure Mourinho in.

Don't expect Jose Mourinho to make a decision on Valencia CF anytime soon though, he is going on a discovery mission to learn about Valencia CF, their plans, their project, the squad for next season and basically compare that to any other offer he might get or even if its worth taking on a managerial role quickly or sitting one year out.