Friday, April 30, 2021

FC Barcelona interested in Jose Luis Gaya

FC Barcelona interested in Gaya
FC Barcelona are keep on signing Jose Luis Gaya as a long term replacement for Jordi Alba who is in his last years of his career, and are trying to find a proper replacement. FC Barcelona have identified Jose Luis Gaya as the best possible replacement for Jordi Alba and are keep to make a move if Jose Luis Gaya does not extend his contract this year. We have some reports that Jose Luis Gaya has either already signed a contract extension with Valencia CF or is about to in the summer, but we'll have to wait and see how trustworthy this information is.

Valencia CF has been churning out high quality left backs for over a decade now, with Jordi Alba, Juan Bernat, Jose Luis Gaya, Toni Lato, etc... FC Barcelona are looking to repeat the success with Jordi Alba by signing Gaya at his prime and have him establish himself at Barcelona. At Barcelona Gaya's salary is going to go up over 50% percent, and even though he is in the top level of highest paid players at Valencia CF, barely behind the likes of Guedes and Maxi Gomez, he would earn at least 2 million euros more at FC Barcelona.

There are other clubs also following Gaya's contract development, clubs like Bayern Munich, Manchester City and others.