Wednesday, April 7, 2021

Fabio Blanco contract extension stalled

We've reported about Fabio Blanco before, how he is attracting interest from big clubs like Barcelona FC as Valencia CF is unable to extend his contract. In fact Anil Murthy had taken up the negotiations personally with the player in the hopes of facilitating a new deal, but as you guys know I don't have any confidence in Anil Murthy, as he is completely incompetent and that has proven right.

New reports are coming up that even though Valencia CF have come out with an improved contract in which they offer him several promises like first team callout next season and things of that nature, the player and the club are still far off from reaching an agreement. The biggest issue seems to be the length of the new contract, Valencia CF want to extend for 2 years with optional 3 years, with the player wanting a better financial contract for more than 2 years. 

I just reported about Bayern Munich being interested in Kang-In Lee and seems we are going to lose two very talented players in the span of a year. Didn't Peter Lim and Anil lecture everyone how we are focused on developing youth players and having endless talent that we can use? Well what happened, why isn't that talent being contracted long term and used? 

By the hour its getting worse with this club, we haven't even resolved the contracts of several top players who's contracts are expiring within 2 years, now even full 2 years now. Guedes is on the verge of being sold in the summer, just when he is massively improving his game, we don't really have a proper alternative to Maxi Gomez who's been very poor this season and we can't even make plans on getting a reinforcement in attack before selling players in the region of 40 million euros first.