Sunday, April 4, 2021

Cadiz CF 2-1 Valencia CF Match Report

The match came up to an abrupt stop after what seems a racist incident to have occurred towards Diakhaby, with Valencia CF leaving the pitch. There is still some discussions going on, I don't know if its over or what. The cameras are still rolling, the players are still on the stands, I don't know if the match will actually continue. 

Seems like the match will continue with Hugo Guillamon instead of Diakhaby. The players are warming up again. 

What a joke, classic Valencia CF. We are attacking all match, have possession, have chances, but can't score and Cadiz get A chance and score a goal. Why can't this team string more than one win? I can not believe how bad our defense was, with the exception of Correia who played very well. 

I don't even know what to say, we had this match, more possession, more chances, generally good midfield and attacking play, but we are just wasting chances and half assing opportunities. 

Some positives from the match is that Soler and Racic can keep good possession and spread the ball from midfield, Guedes was once again a bright spot, I though he did the best and this was him being man of the match third time in a row. Correia also impressed me again, solid defensive and offensive work, put in a machine like performance on that right flank. 

Our defense was in shambles this match, I thought Racic and Soler failed to cover properly, but everyone seemed out of position for the second goal. Gaya was just off this match, seemed to be fatigued all match long, should have been replaced. Kinda blame him partially for both goals. 

First half:

2: Long range shot by Wass, goalkeeper punches it into corner.

3: Good movement on the left, Wass with a cross, but is blocked and VCF get a corner kick

7: Good pass by Guedes from the left flank, unfortunately Gameiro was just short of connecting

10: Long range bomb from Wass, Cadiz keeper saves

14: What a disgrace. First Gaya with a flimsy tackle that allows a Cadiz player to send a cross, and then Paulista just watches as Juan Cala heads the ball into the net. 

18: Beautiful run from Guedes in the center of the pitch, sends a wonderful through pass that finds Gameiro and he chips the ball just enough to send it wide past the keeper and into the net. Great stuff. 

19: We need more plays like this and to minimize our defensive mistakes. Come on

30: Seems like some sort of racist incident occurred, Valencia CF left the field

30: The match is going to resume at 29 minutes

30: Blanco with a good cross towards Wass, he jumps and heads the ball, but goes wide

36: Gameiro to Correia, his shot is blocked and goes into corner

44: Nice run by Guedes into the penalty area, Cadiz players almost scored an own goal

47: Negredo almost scoring a goal in the last seconds of the first half

Second Half:

47: Gaya with a good free kick, goes just above

53: Wass and Blanco have been very quite, maybe start thinking about changing these two, bring in Yunus for Wass and Kang-In for Blano.

56: Negredo with a powerful header, Valencia CF is lucky, it went just above.

65: Shot by Racic, finally some excitement. Valencia CF needs to step it up

66: Guedes tries a shot, but is blocked. Corner for VCF

72: Blanco out for Cheryshev. First outing for Cheryshev in a long time, lets see if he can be the difference maker for us

77: Gaya laying down and having his muscles stretched, seems fatigued, has been performing poorly all game long

80: Vallejo with a good try at goal, but his shot is tamed.

83: Guedes long ball to Cheryshev, who shoots, but is deflected. Decent chance

87: Mauro with a goal for Cadiz, what a joke, our defense is garbage today


Jaume 4.5 - Must take partial blame for the first goal, was caught in bad position for the second one as well. Should have done better

Correia 6.5 - Only real defender tonight, great work rate, pushed forward and acted as a winger for much of the match. Solid performance.

Diakhaby 5 - Good while on, was replaced due to not wanting to play after what seemed to be a racist incident. 

Paulista 4 - Match to forget for the veteran defender, at fault for the first goal, did not ooze confidence this match.

Gaya 4 - Very poor performance, had a hand in Cadiz goal, was sloppy in possession, did not venture out forward often and made few defensive mistakes. Should have been taken out at the 50th minute mark

Wass 6 - Started off really bright and combined well on the flank and in the midfield, had few good long range efforts, but faded off as the game went on.

Soler 5.5 - Did well enough for most of the match, but did not coordinate well with Racic for their defensive role, I found big spaces in the back and neither Soler, nor Racic covering.

Racic 6 - Slightly better than Soler in terms of attacking sense, provided some good passes and some long range shots, but just as Soler was caught out of positive when defending. 

Guedes 7 - Provided the assist for the goal and was a menace for Cadiz all night long, some good passes and crosses, good interplay with Wass and Correia. We needed another player at his level tonight.

Gameiro 6 - Did well to score, very good touch to guide the ball into the net. Unfortunately went missing after for large portions of the match.

Blanco 5 - Anonymous performance, seems better when coming in as a sub and running at tired defenses, failed to really test Cadiz defense. 


Hugo 5 - I don't even know who to blame for the second goal, him and several other players were all out of position for the goal, not covering anyone. 

Cheryshev 5.5 - First match in a while, was lively and instantly provided good cross to Vallejo, provided some good passes in the short period he was on, but did not turn out to be the difference maker

Vallejo N/A

Yunus N/A

Cutrone N/A