Friday, April 16, 2021

Blogger is removing email subscription

Blogger announced that they are removing the email subscription service, so you won't be able to follow us through email within 3 months. There are about 400 people subscribed to the feedburner service, subscribed to the email service so make sure to visit us daily to check for new articles, because again in a few months the feature and service will be removed from Blogger and you won't get emails when we write new articles.

I've also added a donation button if anyone wants to support us, if we do get support it will help with the website's domain service and site maintenance, any help is appreciated, anything more will contribute to our writers. 

This site is now almost 12 years old, we've been going strong for 12 years, many thanks to our current and former writers and contributors, you can see who they are on the join us page. We'll keep on going and write articles about Valencia CF, hopefully in the not so distant future mostly positive news with Valencia CF becoming competitive again, fingers crossed, though in the short term future it seems like we are going to be struggling.

Thanks to all our readers and people who comment, we love to know your thought and opinions, so share them with us in the comment section and remember that you can send me articles on my email for me to post to the site. Make sure its fairly proper grammar and about Valencia CF. It can be any sort of article, it can be news article, opinion piece, transfer news and speculation, etc...