Wednesday, April 7, 2021

Bayern Munich interested in Kang-In Lee

With all the focus on the issue of racism these days, one would be forgiven if they thought everything else stopped, but clubs are making plans for next season and thinking of the next big new player, next big talent. Valencia CF has one such talent in its ranks, but they would rather not play him, they would rather not extend his contract and basically allow teams to snatch him on the cheap from us, because we have so much talent we might as well give out some of it to other clubs to help them out. 

Anil Murthy is such a terrible president, so much incompetence, why hasn't Kang-In Lee's contract been extended? Why is Gracia avoiding Kang-In and not playing him? Does he really believe that Alex Blanco is better than Lee or Vallejo is better than Lee? The difference in talent is huge, we just need to shape that talent, but that won't happen if he doesn't get any playing time, while every single big club looks at the player and is making plans to snatch him.

Bayern Munich are the latest club showing interest in Kang-In Lee, they are probably looking at him as a long term replacement for Mueller or some of the other veterans who are getting older and would need to be replaced accordingly.  Valencia CF meanwhile is sleeping and allowing its talent to be taken.