Wednesday, March 24, 2021

Valencian groups boycoting Valencia CF

Opposition to Peter Lim is heating up and more and more groups are boycotting Valencia CF. From organized fan groups and associations to former Valencia CF staff and players calling for boycotts and even governmental intervention against Peter Lim.

The 'From Torino to Mestalla' platform loses more than half of its partners in a few weeks, recently Santiago Canizares spoke out against Peter' Lim's running of the club and even called on government official to do something. Former players and staff have also spoken out publicly against Peter Lim, not to mention the protests organized by different fans of the club over the past months. 

We have confirmation that shirt sales have plummeted this season, as well as other merchandise and part of that is because people just aren't enthusiastic about the team, but part of it is a concentrated effort to financially squeeze Valencia CF so much that Peter Lim would have no choice but to sell the club at any cost, because remember Valencia's costs are now Meriton's costs, so if VCF ends up losing a ton of money, Peter Lim loses that money! 

Is that a good idea, does that hurt the club or Lim more? Who knows, only time will tell, but what do you guys and gals think about it, is it a good strategy to boycott the club in order to try and force Lim to sell?