Saturday, March 20, 2021

Valencia CF vs Granada CF Match Preview

La Liga

Valencia CF

Mar 21, 4:15 PM

Granada CF

Its been two very interesting weeks as Valencia CF have gone through a possible acquisition by a prince, to some interesting news about the future of the coach Javi Gracia and several players, including Gonaco Guedes and others. While things have been quite interesting off the pitch and finally we have some excitement, its been the opposite on the pitch. Valencia CF have continued with the bad results and the last match Valencia CF lost to a city rival which they've beaten almost exclusively the past 3-4 years! That just shows the decline Valencia CF has had in the past two years, ever since the sacking of Marcelino.

What is more there was no positives to take from last match, nor did I envision any of our players that were out of the squad for that match that would have made a difference! Its not like we had 3 players that you know would have absolutely made a difference, yeah we have Gaya, but the goal didn't come from lack of defending from Lato or that top side, it came from an individual mistake in the center, Cheryshev has occasionally provided some spark, but he's been so injury prone that he's barely been able to stay fit for more than 2 weeks at a time and even when fit he's not a game changer! 

This week Valencia CF is going up against Granada CF who are actually above Valencia CF on the table, in fact up by 6 points, and they seem to be playing good football as well, and beating Valencia CF in the previous matchup. Good news for Valencia CF is that Granada CF will be without 6 of their players and possibly more as few players are coming back from injury and struggling with fitness. 

Valencia CF also have few players coming back to the squad in Jose Gaya, Carlos Soler, Uros Racic and Maxi Gomez, so a nice boost for this game, though as I said hardly a game changer. Maxi Gomez hasn't turned out to be the goalscoring machine he was supposed to be, Gaya has been reliable and stable, but hardly a standout performer and Carlos Soler has failed to up his game and become a leader, he is just another cog in a badly running machine!

Stat nameGranada
37Goals lost44
26% (7)Wins37% (10)
26% (9)Draws37% (6)
41% (11)Defeats41% (11)
1.19Goals per game1.22
1.37Goals lost per game1.63
75.12%Completed passes67.27%
47.04%Ball possesion40.78%
10.52Shots per avg9.74
3.52Shots on goal avg3.30
Valencia CF squad: Chillessen; Correia, Hugo, Paulista, Gaya; Wass, Soler, Racic, Guedes; Kang-In, Gomez.
Winning probability: Valencia CF 30% win, Draw 30%, Granada CF 40% win.
Result prediction: Valencia CF 1-2 Granada CF
I think this is going to be a repeat of the last match between these two teams and Granada CF is just going to edge Valencia CF to take the win.