Sunday, March 14, 2021

Valencia CF to offload Goncalo Guedes this summer

Peter Lim is in deeper trouble every single day, with the city of Valencia CF now demanding that Valencia CF fulfil their obligations to the city as part of the deal to purchase the ground where the new Mestalla was built, which Valencia CF has not done anything thus far and would cost the club at least additional 20-30 million euros. With fans not returning to the stadium anytime soon by the looks of it and considering the dwindling popularity of the club and dwindling prestige that means less money from sponsors next season and less money from fans buying the club's merchandise. Therefore Peter Lim is already making plans of selling our most valuable players in the summer to try and raise over 50 million euros, so he can maybe settle some of the city disputes and he himself will take away a big part of that money as his firm Meriton has loaned Valencia CF money for the purchases of back in the day the likes of Moreno and Negredo! 

Goncalo Guedes is the highest paid player in Valencia CF right now, his salary being about 5 million euros per season and he is still one of the highest valued players in our squad, at about 25 million euros. So if Valencia CF sells Guedes for 25 million euros and saves 5 million more that season by not having his wages, then than is a 30 million gain for Peter Lim who is getting pressured from all sides to pay up. 

He knows that Goncalo Guedes is not the favorite among fans, apart from his first season he's had two suspect seasons where he hasn't contributed too much, so the fans are probably not going to make a big deal out of his sale and the club can net about 30 million euros, assuming they can sell him for 25 million euros. 

Personally I think that would be a big loss, because he is one of our most famous players and that has value too, he attracts fans, he sells shirts, he brings in Portuguese fans, etc... So his value is not just sporting, but financial as well. Also you usually want to build your team around players like Guedes, rather than sell them, if they are not performing optimally you surround them with players who lift their game and play well with each other. I think Gaya, Soler, Guedes, Paulista right now form the core of our team and we have to build a team around them, I still see Kang-In as a huge talent, but he kid needs support and the current coach isn't giving him the proper support and play time he deserves. 

Other than Guedes we have Soler, Gaya, Gomez, etc... who are some of the highest paid players in our squad, so maybe they are next as well, with Lim at the helm we are probably going to lose them all either next summer or the one after.