Wednesday, March 17, 2021

Valencia CF purchase meeting a bust

Two days ago the prince of Johor Ismail Idriss and Peter Lim were seen together in Singapore, the prince traveled to Singapore in order to negotiate the purchase of Valencia CF. I've written about it here and the meeting was supposed to bring the two sides closer to reaching an agreement, but new reports from sources close to both men are now saying that the meeting was a bust and there was no agreement reached over anything. 

The best I know is that Peter Lim doesn't value the prince's offer enough and wants more money, he is also still delusional that somehow magically the team will start playing great and produce countless youth products that he can sell for gigantic sums of money, but the reality is that he is going to lose more money if he doesn't sell now! 

As I've written in my article: "Peter Lim sell Valencia CF NOW" he is going to lose more and more money the further it goes. Next season he is going to lose more money than this and the one after even more. So he needs to sell now, he should wake up from his delusions and realize right now is the best time to sell! He shouldn't bring the club down with him, he shouldn't destroy the club, just sell. I mean everyone hates him, he can't even come to Valencia CF, someone might even beat him up if they see him on the street, which of course I must condemn before hand, violence is not the answer, but the point is that is how much people hate him!

Even if magically the team turns things around next season and we say qualify for the CL, that still won't change people's feeling about Peter Lim, it would take at least 3-4 seasons of CL qualification, of good management, of stability at the club for the fans to start loosening up and begin the process of forgiving Peter Lim. 

Anyways to get back to the story, the meeting was a bust and no progress was made on the purchase of Valencia CF, with a deal right now looking unattainable. You never know with these types of things, things change from day to day, but as of now it seems like Peter Lim is going to remain the largest shareholder and owner of the club!