Monday, March 29, 2021

Valencia CF needs to secure our top players

Valencia CF is not in a position to make any purchases, not unless it sells players in excess of 40 million euros and lowers the wage bill significantly, and then able to bring in few cheap replacements, otherwise Valencia CF can not pay even a penny out of its pocket to acquire a new player. With that said we need to keep the key players we currently have for the long haul.

I'm talking about players like Soler, Gaya, Paulista, Kang-In, Correia, and yes controversially Guedes as well, because I still believe he is an asset and can be more consistently better if the coach utilizes him better and in better positions.

We can not afford to lose any of the players above, that would be devastating for the club and would probably put Valencia CF right into relegation territory. We've had so much reports about princes and investment funds and whatnot buying Valencia CF, but regardless of who the owner is the club needs to secure these players contracts. 

Soler is turning into a true leader on the pitch and has been our key player this season, playing some solid football from the center of the field, followed closely by Gaya who's been mostly solid with his trademark wing runs. Paulista has also been a good solid choice at the back, our most consistent defender this season. Correia in the past has been shakier and error prone, but this season he's grown into his own and found his stride. He appears much more secure at the back and still very dangerous going forward.

Hugo has also surprised with some of his performances in a positive way, he's been more consistent than Diakhaby and is turning out to be a a good pairing for Paulista. Kang-In is just such a talented player, the fact that he doesn't get that much opportunities under Gracia is boggling my mind. There is no way Jason, Yunus or others are better than him. He is an attacking player, so he needs to be played very forward to allow him to roam freely and create opportunities.

We all know how good Guedes is when in his best form, but even when not at the top of his form he can still be lethal and beneficial to this team, personally I thought his last two matches were solid and has had such good matches on occasions before as well. 

Are there players Valencia CF can sell to reach its financial goal that won't particularly weaken the team? Absolutely yes, one such player is Maxi Gomez, he came in for 18 million euros as a big reinforcement, but has failed to contribute much at all, with single digit goals in two seasons now and a ton of wasted opportunities, he is one player Valencia CF can gain some money out of and save big on his wage, without actually being worse off for it. 

Gameiro is another such player, yes his salary isn't that big and we likely won't be able to get more than about 2 million euros for him, that doesn't matter, as he has shown to be ineffective and has failed to contribute to the team. He is a surplus to requirements.

Another player is Mangala who's just been a surplus to requirements and offloading him won't weaken the team at all. He's been injury prone, hasn't really been match fit often, he hasn't convinced since joining Valencia CF for the second time.

Another player Valencia CF can make some money off is Cillessen and he is also one of the highest paid players and with Maxi is one of the highest paid players. So just on salary alone the team is going to save 15 million euros, plus I'd estimate about 10-15 million euros transfer fee.