Saturday, March 6, 2021

Prince of Johor to buy Valencia CF?

Reports are swirling that the prince of Johor has reached an agreement with Peter Lim for the purchase of Valencia CF. The prince is a friend of Peter Lim and they've been seen eachother on numerous occasions, so considering Peter Lim is pretty much hated by every Valencia CF fan, and he has been unable to work his scheme to make Valencia CF a selling club, he has supposedly reached out to the prince to sell the club to him. 

Prince Tunku Ismail Idris has been interested in Valencia CF for some time as a big football fan and with the opportunity presenting itself it seems as though he has or is willing to purchase the club. His net worth is estimated to be in the 750 million range and that is his personal wealth, he is part of the royal family of Malaysia who is worth billions. 

The prince of the southern Malaysian state has already said to Marca: “I am not someone to change the crest or the tradition of your club, as I said before. I am not a businessman. I am here for the glory.”

“I am a prince, not a businessman. Money does not motivate me, glory motivates me and make history. It is not a secret that I love football, I am passionate about it.”

Tunku Ismail opened a few days ago the possibility of his arrival at Valencia by posting on social networks extracts of what appeared to be an economic report on the club and making a series of reflections on what in his opinion the entity needs.