Tuesday, March 23, 2021

Prince Ismail: Peter Lim won't listen to other offers

The prince of Johor Ismail Idris has spoken to Spanish newspaper As and cleared things up about his dealings with Peter Lim and Valencia CF. We now have a very clear and complete picture of what was happening and what the plan was.

So the prince had never planed to purchase Valencia CF outright, he said that his goal was to purchase a significant portion of Peter Lim's shares and be a significant shareholder of Valencia CF, but Peter Lim would still have been the majority shareholder and ultimately control the club. 

He said that when they met on March 14th, Peter Lim made him aware of some things that need to be sorted before he can sell him shares, and also explained the intrigues of Fair play and other issues surrounding Valencia CF, like for example the unfinished New Mestalla, debt to banks and other things.

He also said that he is very close with Peter Lim and they have business dealing, therefore Peter Lim did not have plans to actually sell Valencia CF or sell shares to someone else. As I wrote yesterday there was another interested party to purchase Valencia CF who've made a 244 million euros offer to Peter Lim, though Lim hasn't accepted, nor rejected that offer so far. If what the prince is saying is true, then it is very unlikely that Peter Lim is going to accept this other offer. 

So based on all of this new information then it looks unlikely that Peter Lim is going to sell the club anything soon, and its not even clear if Ismail will even purchase a big chunk of Lim's shares. We don't know what issues need resolving and how difficult they are to resolve, so it could be that there is no purchase of any kind. 

Finally he said that whatever happens he gave Peter Lim advice to put former Valencia CF players and staff to run the club and surround himself with people close to the club with history in the club. That is good advice, its that he has done that, but when these people don't bow down and kiss his boot and try and run the club as they see fit, they've been fired. That is why Peter Lim is his own worse enemy as I wrote an editorial explaining this