Tuesday, March 16, 2021

Peter Lim sell Valencia CF NOW

Peter Lim you need to sell Valencia CF. You've failed and failed miserably, everyone who is a Valencia CF fan hates you, even fans of other clubs who read about your story hate you, because they've too experienced similar things with their clubs in the past and even your own people hate you. Former close associates of yours have admitted publicly that you and them had no clue what you were doing and that you are a terrible club manager, owner. 

This season is bad financially for Valencia CF, no ticket revenue, no champions league revenue, decreased sales from shirts and merchandise due to the crappy ass results and selling off the more established and well known players, but next year is going to be worse for you! Next year you are going to get LESS money from La Liga, since we haven't qualified for the champions league for 2 years straight(I'm including this season as a fail) and have finished in garbage positions on the table we are going to be getting less money from the shared La Liga television money.

Not only that but apart from Gaya, Guedes and Chillessen who can you actually sell for decent money? You can't sell off any more players, the well is dry, most of our squad are unknowns and youth players, they are not worth anything. You are going  to lose more money next season than this one and that is not even the end of it, the season after that you are going to lose even more money as no future sponsor is going to reach the money the current sponsors are playing! 

So please sell Valencia CF right now to the prince of Johor! Its the best for everyone, for you, for the club, for the prince, for the fans! We are sick and tired watching our club be ruined over and over again, we are sick and tired of being told how evil we are by your mindless minions and that its the fans who are the problem! NO! Its you and your minions who are the problem, take your losses and sell the club right now! You are not going to get a better offer, you've ruined the club do you understand? Its not worth more money, so that the loss now, before it gets even bigger! You've ruined the club and its worth nothing! 

Everyone hates you, you are not welcome in Valencia, not welcomed by any fans anywhere, your own former minions hate you, so cut your loses and sell now!