Monday, March 15, 2021

Peter Lim and the prince of Johor seen together

Current Valencia CF owner Peter Lim and would be owner Ismail Idriss have been seen together in Singapore, and sources close to both men say that this is another round of negotiations, with the prince of Johor being serious in his desire to purchase the club. 

Reports have been swirling online for almost two weeks now about the takeover of Valencia CF, with the prince of Johor starting the speculations himself by announcing his wish to purchase Valencia CF and also promising certain things if he is to take over the club over social media.

Now things are getting more serious and we could see a big announcement within a week or two. We don't really know if Peter Lim would sell all of his shares or some of his shares, we don't know what the deal is going to be, but we know for sure that negotiations are ongoing and that Ismail's desire is to purchase and own the club, rather than be an investor. Now can he sway Lim to sell all of his actions or the majority stake, does he even have liquid money to purchase the shares. Peter Lim owns about 76% of the shares, maybe a bit more and the whole club is now valued at about 300 million euros, the prince is worth about 700 million, but how much does he actually have in liquids that he can move towards the purchase? 

Most likely he is going to buy a majority stake with a deal to purchase all of the shares within several years and the payment process likely being done over 4-5 times.