Thursday, March 11, 2021

Negotiations for the takeover of Valencia CF are ongoing

So, as I reported in the previous article, Valencia CF president Anil Murthy is completely clueless about what is really going on in the club(as always), and is just a useless yes man to Peter Lim. So it seems that negotiations are ongoing with Prince Ismail Idriss and Peter Lim and that the prince's intentions are to takeover the club and be the majority shareholder. 

He has posted on several social media platforms his intentions of purchasing the club and basically being in charge of what goes on, rather than as some reports wrongly claimed that he is just buying a minority stake and being a piggy bank for Peter Lim to continue running the club into the ground! The prince has posted himself the intention to purchase the club, to be the majority shareholder and lead the team. He has even named names of potential sporting director and club president, but since its way too early for that, I won't mentions any names here as the chances of them being the same names are slim, even if Ismail would like them to lead the club. 

Prince Ismail Idriss said that while he may own shares, the club will belong to the supporters. He also wrote about the sheer passion, determination and love for the ball that guided his plans, he ended with the sentence: "No politics, and no b * * * * * *."