Monday, March 22, 2021

Another party to buy Valencia CF

Seems like the prince of Johor isn't the only interested party to purchase Valencia CF. There have been some reports about another party circling around, but they didn't seem as credible, so I've avoided writing about it, but its been reported several times from different sources that it it does seem real. 

So at the center of this party is Net de Gerrers an alternative investment manager focused on cross-boarder investments in real assets, investing US & EMEA capital in the Spanish-speaking world, along with other Valencian and Spanish investors, we even have names like Enrique Lucas, Javier Guerola, José María Mas Millet and others who are leading the charge to buy Valencia CF from Peter Lim. 

The investment group has supposedly already made an offer to Peter Lim of 244 million euros, but Peter Lim hasn't yet accepted nor declined it and he also was busy dealing with the prince of Johor and his offer for Valencia CF. 

I think the offer is reasonable, its a bit on the low side, but another 30 million is where the real value of Valencia CF is, and I think that value is only going to decline into the future, so its a reasonable first offer.