Wednesday, December 18, 2019

News Round

Just wanted to run through a few pieces of news that occurred in the last few days.

First, Carlos Soler's contract has been extended. His contract now runs to June 30, 2023 with a massive release clause of a 150 million euros. This is a clear signal that the club sees him as a main figure in the club and is protecting him against interest from other clubs. It makes sense since he's still young, has great potential to grow and develop, and comes from the club's academy. He has been at the club since he was seven years old. He's 22 now and it's good to see he's willing to commit to the club and contribute to its future success.

Ferran Torres is the other player that the club has been in negotiations with for a contract renewal and hopes to close that agreement soon.

Second, there have also been negotiations with regard to the new stadium. For now the plan is that the team would move to the New Mestalla in the prior to the 2022/2023 season. The club is finalizing the sale of the property of the current Mestalla for a figure near 113 million euros. The deal is scheduled to be signed in March of the coming year. While the deal will be signed then, Peter Lim would be required to transfer over the stadium in July of 2022 when soon after, demolition of the stadium will begin :( The property will be replaced with re-purposed for residential and commercial use.

The final piece of news is that Peter Lim has reportedly approved winter signings. He is happy with how things are progressing under Celades and believes that granting him reinforcements will help him meet the upcoming challenges in the second part of the season. From other articles I've seen it seems Celades also view a right-back and a midfielder as priority signings which is the view shared by many in the comments. Most of the other "signings" will come in the form of players such as Guedes, Gameiro, Cillissen and Piccini returning early in the second half of the season.