Thursday, May 9, 2019

Valencia - Arsenal (match thread)

I'm late with this and, despite the late hour, will try my best to update this post with first and second half reviews. Your comments will be appreciated.

Standard line-up from both teams with Valencia going with....

Let's hope the team can build on the 6-goal win of last weekend.

Quick update.... Valencia started well and got a good goal but then Arsenal got a goal from nowhere. I would like to blame the defence but don't even think they or Neto did a lot wrong. When you can afford to spend nearly 70 million on a forward, as English teams can do, that gives you the edge against comparable teams from other leagues. Arsenal just scored the killer second and that's it for me I'm afraid. I don't think this scoreline is representative but when La Liga is based on a corrupt model of giving all the TV money to two teams, what can we do?