Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Rodrigo Moreno to move to SSC Napoli

Rodrigo Moreno to Napoli
The season has ended and every Valencianista can celebrate and enjoy in the achievement our team has accomplished. With that said the transfer market is about to open and with it creating the new team for next season.

Rodrigo Moreno seems to be the first of our players that is going to leave, with him penning a farewell type social media post after the cup win, and several sources have confirmed that SSC Napoli have been negotiating with Valencia CF for a while now on bringing Rodrigo Moreno to SSC Napoli. The transfer talks are supposedly in an advanced state with the current price offered to Valencia CF being 40 million euros, but demanding around 50 million euros to release Rodrigo Moreno.

He's been a player of contention amongst our community and has always churned out big discussions on the comment sections, due to the nature of his spell here at Valencia CF, with him having very inconsistent seasons. He's never really convinced with his performances and has truly had only one breakout season and that was last one's.

So if we can get 50 million euros for him, I'd be willing to let him go. Yeah he is an important player for us and has been basically the undisputed started for most of his time here, partnering different players, but he's never really achieved many goals, he's been hit and miss.

So 40 to 50 million euros for him is plenty and I think we can probably use 20 million of that to get a proper replacement for him. I'd be willing to bring in Simeone Zaza again, don't know about Marcelino, but I'd take him back in a heartbeat.