Sunday, January 27, 2019

Valencia CF 3-0 Villarreal CF Match Thread

Valencia CF just managed to beat Villarreal CF in what was a convincing win for the team, with players taking their chances and not having any screw ups at the back, allowing the opposition to come back into the match.

So far the team is in a string of few good results and we are scoring a lot more goals, playing more consistently throughout the whole match and keeping our stability at the back. There are still issues that need ironing out, I still think we need more penetration from the wings, better first touch control from most of the players and more understanding between the players so that we can actually pull off some of the through balls.

Valencia CF scored early in this match and that served as a sort of confidence boost for the players and it took some of the pressure off, so I think that helped a lot to play better and allowed us to have an easier time.

All in all the team took their chances, there were few waster opportunities and some decent passes that didn't make it as player understanding is a bit off, but we were much more effective tonight, converting a lot more of our chances.