Saturday, January 12, 2019

Valencia CF 1-1 Real Valladolid Match Thread

Another match, another draw. I just don't get it how we aren't winning these matches, it's absurd to draw so many games. We have periods where we dominate, but don't do anything with it and periods where we are full on defensive mode. Against Real Valladolid we had quite a few good opportunities to score goals, but all of the players kept missing.

Every single player kept missing. Soler had a chance, Cheryshev, Mina, Rodrigo missed from a good chance from open play and then missed a penalty, etc... We could have easily won 3-0 or more, but because of very poor finishing we barely scraped with a 1-1 draw.

Rodrigo Moreno sucks at scoring goals, mina does, Cheryshev does, every single player of ours can't seem to score goals, even if we have the chances, which we did today. Real Valladolid basically had just one or two chances and out of those two scored one goal. It was a masterpiece of a free kick, it passed the wall and went furthest wide into the angle, Neto had no chance to stop it.