Saturday, January 5, 2019

Alaves 2-1 Valencia CF Match Thread

I don't know what to say lads and gents, this was a must win match for Valencia CF, one coming after a good two week break for Valencia CF and one where we should have come in strong, having rested a bit and come into it swinging. This is second half of the season, there is no more room for mistakes and Marcelino better figure it out.

I've been with him 100%, but this is getting ridiculous, yeah the Spanish media and fans are a lot more brutal and surely his had a lot of pressure to deal with till now, but its just going to get worse from now one with these kind of results. We need to get all the points from the next 4-5 matches, otherwise even 6th place would be a pipe dream.

I know that we've had issues in the start with Coquelin injured, Guedes arriving late and out of shape, Cheryshev getting injured early on in the season, Mina getting injured few games in, a lot of new players arriving, but it's been six months now and sure we haven't had the best of luck with injuries overall, with Guedes, Kondogbia, Coquelin, Garay, etc... all injured often and for quite long period of time as well, but we've also had periods where everyone was fully fit and ready and we still haven't been getting results.

So I'm willing to excuse some matches from winning them, but there has been way too many draws and now even losses. It used to be draws, but we are also losing now. I hope Marcelino finds a way to turn things around, I'm a big supporter of his, I appreciate what he achieved last season, I don't blame him completely for the poor results, injuries, bad luck, new players, etc... all has taken a toll of course, but he is ultimately responsible for the results.

I'm willing to wait and see what happens through January, but we need to start winning. If we were in a better position a few draws would be too bad, but we are in a bad position, so we need to be winning. I expect to see at least 4 wins out of the next 5 matches, otherwise we'd be in a terrible position on the table and it would be over even for Europa league place.

I know we played with a few players missing today, but we should have been able to get a result against Alaves. I don't see any sort of spark, any sort of fighting spirit in the player when they play. We had that last season, don't know why that was, but we had it and this season for some reason we don't. Players are playing like robots, just doing the automated thing, the most basic of things. They aren't challenging themselves and aren't fighting as hard.

We have the same players like last season, minus Zaza, who yeah we obviously do miss a lot in more ways than one, but its the same players overall, so why are we doing so poorly? The only reason I can think of is some sort of mental issue. Some mental inadequacy that is preventing our players from playing to their best.

They need to be reminded that they need to run as hell, to fight for every ball, to try and better themselves when they are out there playing and always do better. What do you guys think about our predicament here and what is the solution?