Saturday, October 27, 2018

Athletic Bilbao 0-0 Valencia CF Match Report

Wow what a surprise Valencia CF drew against Athletic Bilbao, who would have guessed huh? I can't believe I'm saying this, but a goalless draw, no one could have foreseen this. Valencia CF drawing against Athletic Bilbao was the safest bet in sports this weekend if you are into betting. If I as a betting man I would have placed in big money on a draw for this game.

I didn't manage to watch all of the match, my stream was lagging so bad it was really frustrating trying to watch, when your stream starts lagging and buffering every 10 seconds or so. From what I saw it seemed like the same old, we had a little different setup with Marcelino opting for Coquelin on the left wing, rather than Ferran, probably the safer bet as Athletic are usually very dominant in the midfield and can bully out unprepared teams in the middle of the field. This brought in some strength in the midfield and tougher defense, but it did not help put in attack at all.

In fact I did not see a direct shot on goal, though again it might be my stream's fault, but there wasn't any sort of progress I felt in attack at all. I might have missed some moments, but overall it felt mostly the same. Again one or two half chances isn't that great, especially when you don't score from them and any team is capable of doing that.

Good thing is that even with this draw we are in a decent position on the table. Essentially 3 wins from leading the table, but we are forced to rely on our opponents getting bad results as well and this just isn't sustainable, obviously. Valencia CF needs to start winning matches if we are to have any chances of getting into the top 4 positions, who even as of right now are quite open to us, but will not be for much longer if Valencia CF doesn't start recording wins.

We also shouldn't be looking at a manager change either, we have not been losing and we haven't been playing particularly bad, its just that we haven't played particularly good either. I'd willing to give Marcelino two more months to improve the situation, we have to start winning that is obvious in order to ease up the situation and bring back confidence. Valencia CF players lack confidence, fans don't have or are losing confidence, the staff are losing confidence, etc... Its a bad cycle that needs to change.

I'd say next week is crucial for Valencia CF, getting a win is a must, getting another draw won't help us, I'd rather see us lose, but play very good and have chances and have good attacking play, rather than play decent and draw again.