Thursday, September 27, 2018

Valencia CF 1-1 Celta Vigo Match Report

The vicious cycle continues as Valencia CF is unable to find a win in their 6th league match already, this time only managing a draw at the Mestalla against Celta Vigo.

The match started as good as anyone would want for Valencia CF as Michy Batshuayi made in 1-0 in favor of Valencia CF after just 25 minutes of gameplay, realizing Marcelino's wish for Valencia CF to score first, but ultimately did didn't change anything as Celta Vigo equalized late in the match after a wonderful header by Iago Aspas. The few points that led to the goal were a quick counter attack started for Celta Vigo and Valencia CF players weren't keeping up, Piccini on the right side was slow to mark David Junca and afforded him plenty of space to send a dangerous cross into out penalty area. Final point is that Iago Aspas beat Murillo to the ball and with a powerful and precise header slotted the ball into the net.

A series of few mistakes that led to the conceded goal. These things happen, trying to keep a one goal advantage is always hard, so I'd say individual reactions could have been a bit better, but Valencia CF should have scored more than one goal. We did have the chances, Guedes sent in one good shot just by the cross, Wass had a close range effort that went just wide, Rodrigo has few opportunities, Michy got sent the ball in good fairly good positions, but there was no realization. We didn't have stable legs to control that initial ball and shoot accurately. 

Truth be told this is getting worrisome at this point, you could say we had bad luck in two of the matches, you could say we could have maybe even won in one of those, but 6 matches without a win is the norm right now and its problematic.
Truth be told we did create chances in this match, but there was no good first touch by anyone and the shooting was atrocious, really inaccurate shooting. 

Fortunately just three days later we travel to Real Sociedad where we can try and fix this and hopefully get our first win. I feel like Wass hasn't really contributed anything to be honest in most of these matches, I don't know why Marcelino values him so much, but I would have started Ferran on the right wing to be honest. I just don't see his contribution in this team, I don't think he fits in systematically in this team or at least this formation and tactics. I feel like he might be more suited for a 3 man midfield, but as a CM or a winger he is just not good enough to hold his own. I'd like to see last year's squad fully on the field with Soler on the right wing, Parejo and kondogbia in central midfield, left Guedes and same rest of the players as tonight on the other positions. 

One thing that is also frustrating me is that our right back position is very weak, I'm not impressed by Piccini in any way, he is not very good offensively nor defensively. Vezo is realistically not a right back, he can cover for a few games if someone is injured there, like last season, but come on, he is a natural central defender and that is where he is actually best at. 

We need to find a new right back in the winter transfer window, loan out Vezo since he is not going to get any play time otherwise, 

What do you guys make of our situation, what is the solution?