Friday, August 17, 2018

Simone Zaza to leave Valencia CF

Simone Zaza is a goner and within 24 hours we will find out where his future lies. There are various reports coming from all over the media, and supposedly several clubs interested in acquiring the player, though it seems as Valencia CF hasn't deemed their offers worthy.

There have supposedly been offers for Simone Zaza from Nice, Marseille, and most recently Sampdoria. Seems like Sampdoria's offer is the best one for Valencia CF with a reported 15 million fee for the player in two installations.

The sale of Simone Zaza won't mean much for Valencia CF in terms of increased budget for transfers as it is going to go to fill the existing budget and replace money we've already spent on players, which truth be told is very little so far this season. Most of our new players have arrived on loan deals with purchase options for next year, though we have dished out some amount of money.