Tuesday, July 24, 2018

La Liga fixtures released

The fixtures are now out for the new season and it's a tough start for Valencia

taking on Atletico Madrid in the first game. We've won only once in the last five home games against them in the league, back in 2014/15.

Valencia then have Espanyol away and the city derby against Levante, also away. We then have Betis at home, followed by another regional derby away to Villarreal before a tie at home to Celta completes September.

It doesn't get easier in early October, away at Sociedad and at home to Barcelona. Things then ease off until early December when we are away to R.Madrid and home to Sevilla. Full list is here. And, courtesy of Superdeporte, here is our full list of fixtures

J1: VCF - Atleti
J2: Espanyol - VCF
J3: Levante - VCF
J4: VCF- Betis
J5: Villarreal - VCF
J6: VCF - Celta
J7: R. Sociedad - VCF
J8: VCF - Barça
J9: VCF - Leganés
J10: Athletic - VCF
J11: VCF - Girona
J12: Getafe - VCF
J13: VCF - Rayo
J14: R. Madrid - VCF
J15: VCF - Sevilla
J16: Eibar - VCF
J17: VCF - Huesca
J18: Alavés - VCF
J19: VCF - Valladolid
J20: Celta - VCF
J21: VCF - Villarreal
J22: Barça - VCF
J23: VCF - R. Sociedad
J24: VCF - Espanyol
J25: Leganés - VCF
J26: VCF - Athletic
J27: Girona - VCF
J28: VCF - Getafe
J29: Sevilla - VCF
J30: VCF - R. Madrid
J31: Rayo - VCF
J32: VCF - Levante
J33: Betis - VCF
J34: Atleti - VCF
J35: VCF - Eibar
J36: Huesca - VCF
J37: VCF - Alavés
J38: Valladolid - VCF