Tuesday, July 24, 2018

FC Lausanne 0-0 Valencia CF Preseason

Valencia CF played their second preseason match against Swiss based FC Lausanne in which the team only managed a scoreless draw. Additions to this match were Rodrigo Moreno and Jeffrey Kondogbia who weren't in the squad for our first preseason friendly match and both of them featured for 45 minutes.
Once again the team changed completely at half time, with Marcelino trying out all players. I have a feeling that after the 3rd preseason friendly we are going to see a more narrow selection as Marcelino tries to find the best squad and home the players together.

We obviously saw all of the new players on the field today and they all had relatively good showing, considering this is just the second friendly match, and the team did look kind of sloppy and slow truth be told. Obviously it's just the second friendly and they were probably even told to ease off a bit in order to avoid injuries and needless tackless, but still the team did look very slow on and off the ball and we see that there is a long way to go before they are primed and ready.

I didn't watch all of the match, the stream was cutting and coming up, so it wasn't a 100% experience that I got, but yeah saw a lot of it. I'm just looking forward to see the improvement over time and how we do against better and better opponents.