Monday, June 25, 2018

Joao Cancelo to transfer to Juventus

Joao Cancelo to transfer to Juventus FC
Valencia CF and Juventus FC have reached an agreement about the transfer of Joao Cancelo from Valencia CF to Juventus FC. Initial negotiations had Juventus FC offering up to 20 million euros and a selection of few players to Valencia CF, but Valencia CF wanted purely a monetary offer and a bigger initial payment.

From what I've been told the initial offer will be a lot bigger, in fact in the region of 25 million euros, with additional 10 million euros to be paid out over 3 years.
So the deal is final and it's in the region of about 35 million euros, purely monetary payment, which is what Valencia CF wanted. From what I've also been told some of those 10 million euros or so that are left will be erased as Valencia CF still has a certain amount unpaid to Juventus FC for Zaza.