Sunday, February 25, 2018

Valencia vs Real Sociedad Match Preview

Since bowing out of the Spanish cup Valencia CF has done much better, stringing up two wins in a row and on the outcome of the Spanish cup its safe to say that if it wasn't such a big focus and maybe all of the reserve and youth players were played with no worry that we'd get beaten it would have been better for Valencia CF as the squad just doesn't have the depth to play on more than one front, at least not with the amount of injuries and how long many of these have been.

At one point we didn't have any defenders to play, we'd had to have makeshift wingers like Maksimovic and Gaya playing on the wings as we've had both our starters injured. Thing is we have enough players for cover, but Andreas Pereira is not on the same level as Soler, Maksimovic is not fast paced to be suited for a winger and Gaya is better when at the left back spot, rather than the wing.

So we've had a lot of injuries, lack of squad depth and fighting on two fronts has been hard, which made the team suffer in the Spanish league, which to me should have been a priority. The cup is meaningless, teams barely gain any money from it even from winning it, the prestige is also small and mostly serves as a morale boost to players, which is fine, but there are other ways for morale boost like qualifying for the Champions league.

Tonight Valencia CF will be playing against Real Sociedad who've been really impressive last season, though this season they've been struggling and haven't been on the same level as last year. They've let in more goals than 18 of the other teams, with only two of the relegation fighting teams conceding more goals than them. They are dangerous in the attack though and they've scored 46 goals, almost as much as Valencia CF who've scored 47 and we are 3rd by the number of goals scored, only behind Barcelona and Real Madrid.

So the key for tonight will be to defend strongly, mark their players tightly, don't lose possession cheaply and try to get as much shots at their goal as possible, possibly from long range and hope to score like that or from rebounds. Basically throw as much attacks at them as we can afford, while keeping the defensive shape solid.

In website news I've been able to update the transfer page with all of the transfers, they were quite outdated and no transfers for 2017/18, now its fully updated with all of the transfers and all of the details.

The player ratings are almost finished, just a few more games to add to it and I'll publish the player ratings as well. This should be done and published later in the day!

The Squad page has also been updated and made fully accurate. I'm also working on "full stats" for all of the players for the statistics page, will possibly make one change to it from before as I remove the minutes played as its extremely tough to keep it up to date and will probably be adding some other info like chances created or something like that.