Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Las Palmas vs Valencia CF Match Preview

Happy New Year and holidays, best luck in the new year! Anyways it wasn't such a great new year for Marcelino who had a car accident and is going to miss tomorrow's match. He wasn't seriously injured, nor his wife, but it seems his mother is more seriously injured and is still in the hospital. He is taking a bit of time to recoup physically and mentally.

Tomorrow match will be led by Marcelino's assistant Ruben Uria who's already led the team twice this season, thanks to Marcelino's previous suspension. Its a small blow for Valencia CF that it doesn't have its head coach at the start of the new year, we need to be at full force in order to continue in the same footsteps as the first half of the year, but tomorrow's game is in the copa del rey and against Las Palmas, so an easier game on paper, but again it would have been nice to be at full force.

In terms of players returning from injury, Garay as you know has already been fully fit for at least two weeks, and Gaya has been training normally with the team as well, but Soler and Murillo are still out with injuries. Soler is expected to be back soon, in fact next week might see his comeback, while Murillo probably has a up to a month before he is back with the team.

The team ended 2017 on a whim, rather than a bang, losing at home against Villarreal in what should have been an easy win for the team. The play was much better than the previous 3-4 matches, there was no first half slump, the players were focused and engaged from the first minute, but a 24th minute Villarreal goal stunned the team and we just weren't able to make a dent. Things got worse in the 60th minute when Zaza received a second yellow and automatic red card, so Valencia CF played 20 minutes with one less player, before Villarreal's Manuel Trigueros was given a red card as well.

The cup is where its at though and Valencia CF has a chance to actually achieve something more, maybe even win the trophy, something which Marcelino has repeatedly said he is hoping for and focusing on. I think winning copa del rey would be huge for this Valencia team, but its going to be really hard. All the big teams are still in it, so at some point we are likely to face either one or all of them. We did well against all of them, but how well will we do a second time around?

Anyways I with the team good luck tomorrow and hopefully we can start 2018 with a win and continue in that fashion throughout the whole year!