Thursday, January 11, 2018

Francis Coquelin joins Valencia CF

Arsenal FC midfielder Francis Coquelin joins Valencia CF on an initial 6 months loan deal, and as I understand a must buy option in the summer for around 13 million euros. Francis Coquelin has barely featured for Arsenal FC, especially this and last season and while he has been rather good when fit and playing, due to injury or cards or tactical decision he's been unable to provide a consistent performance one way or another.

Personally looking at it from a purely sporting perspective I think its a great move, masterful move to significantly strengthen our midfield and provide a lot of cover and options. My big worry is that we have to pay 13 million for this guy in the summer, where is that money going to come from and how can we afford Kondogbia if we are paying 13/14 million for this guy, paying another Zaza installment, another Murillo installment and possibly buying Vietto?

My big worry is that they've decided they can't get Kondogiba, that its too much money and as such they are securing this move right now in order to have a ready replacement in the summer and say hey we can't afford Kondogbia, but we will buy Francis Coquelin instead, so everything is a-okay!

This is my big worry. Becaue again, how can they afford Kondogbia(25m), Francis(13m), Zaza(6m), Murillo(3.5m), Vietto (13m), lets not even talk about Guedes(40m). Valencia CF will need to spend 61 million to get all of the above players minus Guedes or without Kondogiba that would be 36 million euros.

The only possibility is that we sell Rodrigo Moreno, he still has some decent market value and has been doing well this season, so maybe reach 12-13m for him, use that money to fund Vietto, hopefully sell Cancelo for maybe 20 million euros if his price keeps falling and fund Kondogbia, sell Nani and get 7-9 million euros and in installments pay for Francis Coquelin.

Will have to watch closely and see what happens, so far in terms of sporting transfers I like it a lot, I think this guy has a huge talent and can be a great player if he doesn't end up injured and is given some consistency in playing time. Vietto is also a good move sporting wise, again the issue here is money, if Valencia CF had 100 million euros in the bank just laying around I would buy all these players.