Saturday, November 25, 2017

Valencia CF vs FC Barcelona Match Preview

Valencia CF, FC Barcelona and Atletico Madrid are the only clubs in the Spanish primera division that haven't lost a single game, with Valencia CF drawing 3 games, while Barcelona only one. Last match was an intense one for Valencia CF with the team starting rather slowly after the two week international break, but soon found its rhythm in the second half, playing much better football and punishing Espanyol for their lackluster finishing in the first half.

Valencia CF is on its best start in history, with several record broken already and several others that are just waiting to be broken. The team hasn't always played amazing football, but the ability to win games even when not playing great, to grind games to a win is a sign of a championship material team. Games where Valencia CF would have drawn or lost in the last minute in the past 3-4 season and now won and in many cases won in style as well.

FC Barcelona has been in amazing form this season as well, after a super slow preseason start that seemed like FC Barcelona are way past their prime and that the team would struggle, especially after the sale of Neymar to PSG for a record 220 million euros fee, they've only went from strength to strength, as such FC Barcelona is going to be the biggest obstacle Valencia CF have faced this season and in the past several seasons as well. We've not had a team play in such good form in the last several years in Spain, its been more competitive.

Both teams are undefeated and in great form, so this match is a classic and everyone should see it. Even casual viewers of football should watch this game as its likely to be a classic to remember. Both Valencia CF and FC Barcelona have scored a lot of goals, in fact between these two teams they've scored 65 goals, with FC Barcelona besting Valencia CF by only 1 goal. That said they've only conceded 4 goals, while Valencia CF have conceded 11 goals, but numbers don't always tell the whole story and FC Barcelona dense hasn't been that impeccable. They've had luck in their defending, just the same as Valecnia's luck against Espanyol, when Valencia CF could have easily conceded two goals in the first half, making that match a lost cause. So with that said FC Barcelona are not invincible at the back, and they will be weakened by the absence of Pique.

As good as Valencia CF have been and as great our position on the table is, the team would need to up their game if they are to succeed against Barcelona. 3 of the last 5 matches have been on the weaker side of things, winning, but winning unconvincingly and the team would need to rediscover their best form, Soler and Guedes would need to be at their best in order to win against FC Barcelona, especially one that is riding fast and high.