Saturday, November 11, 2017

Fake fans and keeping Guedes

Valencia CF held its shareholders meeting in which club president Anil Murthy and general director Mateu Alemany spoke. Valencia CF president Anil Murthy basically reiterated what was written recently on the Valencia CF official website and went over how Peter Lim saved the club, how everything bad was due to third party forces and Peter Lim is actually an angel in disguise who can't do wrong, you get the point.

Personally I don't see why this push now? Why stir the pot now, why bring it up, why make this so important now? Couldn't this be said at the end of the season if the team actually achieves Champions League or at least Europa League?

Yeah we get it, there are some garbage "fans" who used violence and threatened the players and their families, no one with a brain supported that. No one sane supports violence and it was certainly misdirected at the players!

I think its also important to support free speech, people should be able to voice their opinions and anger if the team is going in the wrong direction, though the calls for violence should be replaced with calls for better play, criticizing the player and VCF staff for the sporting stuff.

The only relevant stuff to come out of the meeting was the information from Mateu Alemany who said that they are going to try everything possible to keep Guedes at Valencia CF, but that it is going to be very hard to do so, especially knowing PSG wants to recoup some money to try and get within fair play limit, having ruptured the purse and spend over 300 million on two players.

So personally I think they are going to be looking at selling Guedes, yeah he is playing amazing for us, but there is just not enough room for him to be playing regular football at PSG, so they are going to leverage his great season he is having with us to get as much for him as possible.

Best we can hope is to get him on one more year on loan and paying PSG 5 million for the loan, but again its going to be hard when they will try and get money to balance their financial sheets. Even acquiring Kondogbia is going to be very hard as Cancelo has barely played for Inter and his 33 million purchase option looks weaker by the day.

Not sure Inter are going to want to purchase him, in fact its looking highly unlikely. There is still a long way to go, a lot of matches to be played and he could get a more serious chance, but as of now its looking unlikely.