Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Valencia CF to extend Rodrigo Moreno's contract

Valencia CF is looking to extend Rodrigo Moreno's contract as he's is the only one expiring rather soon in footballing terms, in mid 2019. Rodrigo Moreno has been a hit and miss for Valencia CF before this season, having had a rather solid first season, but then few weak seasons and he was on the exit door more than once, but he survived the exodus and has been much improved this season under the guidemanship of Valencia CF coach Marcelino.

He's provided crucial for this team and has playing in superb form so far, managing to attract the interest of the Spanish national team and featuring in one game for them, as well as attracting interest from other clubs.

Valencia's first order of business is to negotiate a contract extension that would have the player extend his contract to at least 2022 with increased transfer fee. Second order of business is finding money to purchase Geoffrey Kondogbia from Intel Milan, considering that Joao Cancelo was inured for almost 3 months from the start of the season and has only featured in one game so far for Inter, so the chances of him breaking into the first team and impressing, or at least impressing enough to warrant 25 million euros is low right now, so Valencia CF are looking for other way to get the money so they can purchase the player.