Sunday, August 27, 2017

Real Madrid vs Valencia CF Match Preview

Valencia CF started off the season in a proper fashion with a hard fought, but stable and predictable 1-0 victory over Las Palmas, who actually beat Valencia CF last season in our opening match 4-2, so it was a nice change for us. Last weeks victory had a bit of a damper this week as Atletico Madrid trashed Las Palmas 5-1, so it showed that they are defensively fragile and our team with a player more for almost 70 minutes only managed to beat them 1-0. Still though losing one man so early on would have closed them up more and they would obviously focus a lot more on defense, while Atletico Madrid only managed 2-2 in their opening match.

This week Valencia CF visits the Bernabeu where Real Madrid await us, albeit possibly "weakened" as Sergio Ramos and Cristiano Ronaldo are both suspended, though while both great players, I think Real Madrid are even more dangerous with Ronaldo as younger players try to prove themselves and show what they can do, plus Valencia CF have been able to historically deal with Cristiano Ronaldo and limit his contributions.

Bad news for Valencia CF is that Garay is not in for this match, so our defense is weakened even though one of our new signing Murillo is on the list of players and he's one of our defensive reinforcements, I don't know how ready he is to play with the team and especially against Real Madrid. Parejo was a possible worry with injury, but he made the list, though I don't know if he is fully 100% fit.

Another new arrival that made the list is Kondogbia, who again I'm not sure if he is ready to play with the team, he's arrived only recently and would surely need more time to gel, but you never know, it may be a perfect fit, perfect match and he could instantly make a big positive impact, though it remains to be seen.

Valencia CF is playing 4-4-2 formation, we might see a variation to 4-4-1-1, but this is going to be our primary formation, so expect to see Zaza and Moreno up front either as a duo or one behind another, with the midfield consisting of Kondogbia, Parejo, Medran and Soler. Essentially no wingers, but we could theoretically fight for posession with this lineup and try and create issues for them by controlling the tempo of the match.